Portraits by Johnanne Cinier

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Portraits by Johnanne Cinier



Greenor XL is a vertical, ecological & antiviral Reversible unit:

  • 100% copper patented exchanger enabling efficient heating (23,270 Btu) and air conditioning (10,304 Btu)
  • Works with brands friendly to Air-Water heat pumps or boilers (heating only in this case).
  • Real value for luxury interiors with CINIER high-end design & finish. Individually hand painted by Johnanne Cinier
  • Optional dimmable LED frame.

Ultra Silent

Ultra Silent

Purified draft-free air providing exceptional climate for your environment

greenor chaud froid


Allows heating or air conditioning with Air/Water heat pump (chilled water technology)

Antiviral exchanger / UV filter

Patented 100% copper vertical exchanger Purifies the air of bacteria in less than 2 hours

Unique pieces

Assembled on an order-by-demand basis, taking up to 20h for one Greenor XL

  • Important Details

    Unique patented innovation:

    Air is diffused on only one side of the Greenor– Requested a minimum of 1 meter of clearance from the wall. Choose our models carefully, either the “RIGHT side” or on the “LEFT side” depending on the configuration of your room(s).

    • Allows heating and air conditioning with an Air/Water heat pump (hydraulic/chilled water technology)
      • Antibacterial & antiviral: 100% copper vertical exchanger (anti-legionella: See study* of the properties of copper on viruses, including Covid-19).
      • 2x High performance magnetic stainless steel filters (easy maintenance)
      • OPTION: UVA LED + Photocatalysis sterilization (TiO2 on stainless steel filter): to purify the air (kills bacteria and viruses in less than 2 hours).
      • Condensate collection tray covered with copper (anti legionella)
      • Ultra quiet – 14.8 Db in speed 1 at 1 meter from the device.
      • Very low power consumption: from 9W to 19W in V3, i.e. 14 Watts/h on average
      • Draft-Free (Thanks to the diffusion on one side VERTICAL, 74.8 inches tall, very low air flow – 1 yard/s)
      • Extra-flat: 5.7 inches of depth
      • Individually controllable by the built-in thermostat – WIFI connected via TUYA Smart (control the unit via tablet or smartphone) – Possible option in wired thermostat or other thermostats at the customer’s request
      • Made in France in the CINIER workshops (reduced carbon footprint)

    Maintenance: cleanable magnetised stainless steel filter

    • Every 6 months: cleaning recommended with pressursed water on stainless-steel filter
    • No need to change the recommended filters as they are STAINLESS STEEL

    (*) Aerosol and surface stability of HCoV-19 (SARSCoV-2) compared to SARS-CoV-1 Neeltje van Doremalen, James O. Lloyd-Smith, Vincent J. Munster / New England Journal of Medicine – March 2022

  • Options

    Colors available: → Pigment color chart

    2 hot or cold tubes (fancoil) with high energy efficiency, 4 optional tubes

    UVA LED OPTION + Photocatalysis sterilization (TiO2 on stainless steel filter): to purify the air (destroys bacteria and viruses in less than 2 hours)

  • Thermostat

    Individual thermostat supplied by standard on each unit (discreetly placed on the side of the device at eye level).

    Serial WIFI provided to remotely manage the device and or by Smartphone (TUYA SMART).

    OPTION Identical master/slave wall-mounted thermostat to control several GREENOR on the same thermostat.

  • Capacity

    A/ Heating:

    Water at 158°F: Delta T50 (167/149/68°F):

    • Maximum heating power: 23,270 Btu
    • Average heating power: 19,926 Btu
    • Minimum heating power: 13,307 Btu

    Water at 115.7°F (122/109.4/68°F)

    • Maximum heating power: 12,010 Btu
    • Average heating power: 10,475 Btu
    • Minimum heating power: 7,131 Btu


    B/ Air conditioning:

    Water at 44.6/53.6°F: Eurovent test (44.6/53.6/80.6°F):

    • Maximum cold power: 10,277 Btu
    • Average cold power: 6995 Btu
    • Mini cold power: 5050 Btu

    Other information:

    • Airflow: 171 / 279 / 339 Cfm
    • Water flow: 1.6 GPM
    • Pressure drop: 7.1 /11.9/14.8 kPa | 0.071/ 0.119/0.148 BAR
    • Sound power: 13.6 / 24.7 /29.3 dB (5m acc.ISO 11203)
    • Power consumption: 12.6 / 16.8 /20.1 Watts/h


    Eurovent test by TUV, Germany.

  • Summary sheet GREENOR XL

    Download GREENOR XL Summary Sheet

    Our Broshure Greenor & Greenor XL

    For any technical information on the installation of CINIER units, you can contact by email: [email protected]

  • 3D

    Download the Cinier app for an augmented reality model of our Greenor XL unit

    else, File on request

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