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Bringing design and comfort in a villa in sunny Southern France

The case study takes us to the heights of Bouzigues, a charming village on the shores of the Thau Lagoon near the Mediterranean sea.

This beautiful contemporary villa belongs to a sea lover, being a fishing boat captain himself.

Passionate about decoration, the house is equipped with underfloor heating and air conditioning in the bedrooms. The living room overlooking the pool faces south.
Despite the installation of solar blackout blinds, the heat was too strong during the summer period.

Not wanting to install a standard split in the living room, he turned to Cinier’s GREENOR XL solution.
For this installation, we advised him to connect them to a Panasonic monobloc air-to-water heat pump.

Two GREENOR XL devices were installed symmetrically in the room. Each unit is 190 cm high by 54 cm wide.

Our customer ordered two bespoke creations (unique pieces), deep blue with touches of white and black to remind him of his beloved sea. The frame colour is white.

climatiseur design CINIER
A symmetrical installation in the living room

Since 2010, Ateliers Cinier have been developing innovative solutions. GREENOR is the highlight of our expertise, being both an ecological and ultra-design air conditioning.

No refrigerant gas in GREENOR

No refrigerant gas is used in the indoor unit and the pipes that connect the device to the outdoor unit. Only iced water.
GREENOR XL units are entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops in Sète (France).
Our carbon footprint is low compared to almost all brands that have their products manufactured in Asia.

climatiseur ecologique fabriqué en France
GREENOR XL vertical air conditioning unit

Multiple design awards for CINIER

GREENOR XL won the prestigious German design award in 2023.

It is the thinnest vertical fancoil in the world, with a thickness of 11 to 15 cm. No more horizontal split system in your room.
GREENOR units provide a variety of paintings or personalized sculpture. It is a a real work of art to decorate your interior!

Radiateur pour Pompe à chaleur AIR-EAU
A unique piece of art combined with a fancoil unit

Schematic diagram of a GREENOR reversible air conditioning unit installation.

Very simple, the GREENOR must be connected to a system producing chilled water or hot water:

  • Either Air – Water heat pumps
  • Or a district chilled water network (like Climespace in Paris)

When used for heating only, a GREENOR XL radiator can provide up to 6820 Watts of heating power.
The GREENOR is then connected to a traditional boiler or to an air-to-water heating only heat pump.

Diagram of the Greenor XL operation

Outdoor unit: Panasonic air/water monobloc heat pump

The client installed the unit on an exterior wall away from the view, near the other heat pumps (which manage the floor heating, the air conditioning in the rooms and the thermodynamic hot water tank).
The installation of the group was made by a local heating engineer.

Pompe à chaleur Air-eau Panasonic
Outdoor group

The final result is beautiful!
The customer is very satisfied with the comfort and design.

Thanks to the connected thermostats of the GREENOR XL, the customer can also adjust the temperature of his room remotely from his cell phone and the SmartLiving application.

The units are very quiet (almost inaudible in first gear) and have a very efficient air filtration (UV led).

radiateur design  greenor palmspring
Greenor and schematic representation

The fresh air is diffused from the whole vertical side of GREENOR XL.

The flow is very soft (less than 1 meter per second), without any sensation of draught like a traditional split system. The air in the room is more homogeneous and the comfort is thus clearly improved.

To get more information about GREENOR XL or the other CINIER products, please email us at [email protected]

cinier design award winner
Design Award Winner

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