New York city apartment


Located in the upper west side of Big Apple, this typical Bronwstone house needed a replacement of its air conditioning system.

The old system was noisy and had lost its efficiency in time.

Our multiple-award winning GREENOR was chosen by the owners. Because it is a real game changer !

It is not only a beautiful piece of art which brings style and design to the house.

It also has a very low ecological impact. We do not use any refrigerant gas in the indoor unit and in the pipes which connect to the outdoor unit. Only ice water is used.

In terms of design, GREENOR is unique. With a thickness of 11 to 15 cm, it is the thinnest cooling unit in the world.

GREENOR works as an airconditioner and a radiator.

GREENOR XL provides the same features, only it is more powerful. It can cool any space up to 50 to 60 sq. mr

Greenor Xl design by Johanne Cinier

5 GREENOR XL fancoil units were chosen for this 4-storey house.

Greenor XL design by Johanne Cinier
NYC Study Case
Greenor Xl design by Johanne Cinier

The Greenor XL is placed near the entrance of the appartement.

The owner wished to bring style and design to his appartment, together with an optimal performance of heating and cooling. Job more than done !

All GREENOR XL units provide a wide selection of painting and sculpture to personalize your display. Each piece is an authentic work of art. For customers who prefer more sober, non-artistic pieces, CINIER offers plain facades.

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