NYC Case Study


This case study details the climatization study of a home using the GREENOR XL on the upper west side of New York City.

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Since 2010, Cinier have been innovativing climatizing solutions in ecological ultra-design

Ecological? : Yes. We do not use any refrigerant cooling in the indoor unit and in the pipes which connect to the outdoor unit. Only ice water and or hot water is used.

GREENOR XL units are entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops in France; Considerably reducing the carbon footprint by manufacturing locally.

Ultra Design? : Yes, because the Greenor XL are the first and only units with a vertical design with an depth of 11 to 15 cm.  

Greenor XL by Michel Cinier

We pride ourselves in our design as the Greenor is one of the first to function upright with the human body. Mimicking the traditional look of many New York City center homes, making the Greenor XL a simple choice.

This apartment faces north overlooking a garden through wall-wide windows. The bedroom, living-room, and kitchen are all together in one large studio as the bedroom is separated by a room divider.

New York apartment equipped with Greenor XL

The apartment’s previous AC unit was placed above a staircase-closet at a high elevation. Overtime tenants complained of the air conditioner failing to reach their whereabouts with-in the space, including the unnecessary noise often following.

Discovering Ciniers approach to climatize upright, The Greenor XL became the replacable candidate for Ciniers strategy to distribute air openly within any space, with luxury.

The Greenor XL is placed by the walkway of the apartment as not to congest but instead ‘breeze right through’. Pulling in the air from the entrance and diffusing the continued air into the apartment, its placement is excellent.  

NYC Study Case
Greenor XL design by Johanne Cinier

Wanting to have something that does the minimum and above to its visual display, the property manager wanted it done. Not only does the tenant now enjoy a quiet air conditioner, the unit’s façade mimics the environment, often doubtfully admired for not being realized to be both a heating and air-conditioner. 

All GREENOR XL units provide a wide selection of painting and or sculpture portraits to personalize your display; each is an authentic work of art. For customers who prefer more sober, non-artistic pieces, CINIER offers plain facades.

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