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Portraits by Johanne Cinier

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Portraits by Johanne Cinier




Greenor XL is a vertical, ecological, & antiviral air conditioning unit:

  • 100% copper patented exchanger, allowing high performance in heating (up to 6820 Watts) and cooling (up to 3020 Watts)
  • Works with all brands friendly to Air-Water heat pumps or boilers (heating only in this case)
  • Individually hand painted with natural pigments by Johanne Cinier
  • Optional dimmable LED frame.

Customize your CINIER units by contacting us at

Ultra Silent

Draft-free and ultra-quiet to provide an exceptional climate

greenor chaud froid


Allows heating or air conditioning with Air/Water heat pump (chilled water technology)

Antiviral exchanger / UV filter

Patented 100% copper vertical exchanger Purifies the air of bacteria in less than 2 hours

Estampe 3

Unique pieces

Handmade, with natural pigments

Greenor XL won the German Design Award 2023
  • Important Details

    Unique patented innovation:

    Air is diffused on only one side of the Greenor– Requested a minimum of 1 meter of clearance from the wall. Choose our models carefully, either the “RIGHT side” or on the “LEFT side” depending on the configuration of your room(s).

    • Allows heating and air conditioning with an Air/Water heat pump (hydraulic/chilled water technology)
    • Antibacterial & antiviral: 100% copper vertical exchanger (anti-legionella: See study* of the properties of copper on viruses, including Covid-19).
    • 2x High performance magnetic stainless steel filters (easy maintenance)
    • OPTION: UVA LED + Photocatalysis sterilization (TiO2 on stainless steel filter): to purify the air (kills bacteria and viruses in less than 2 hours).
    • Condensate collection tray covered with copper (anti legionella)
    • Ultra quiet – 14.8 Db in speed 1 at 1 meter from the device.
    • Very low power consumption: from 9 W to 19 W in V3, i.e. 14 Watts/H on average
    • Draft-Free (Thanks to the diffusion on one side VERTICAL 190 cm at very low air flow – less than 1 m/s)
    • Extra-flat: 14.5 cm overall thickness
    • Individually controllable by the built-in thermostat – WIFI connected via TUYA Smart (control the unit via tablet or smartphone) – Possible option in wired thermostat or other thermostats at the customer’s request
    • Made in France in the CINIER workshops (reduced carbon footprint)

    Maintenance: cleanable magnetised stainless steel filter

    • Every month: with a vacuum cleaner
    • Every 6 months: cleaning recommended with pressurised water (tap)
    • No need to change the recommended filters as they are STAINLESS STEEL

    (*) Aerosol and surface stability of HCoV-19 (SARSCoV-2) compared to SARS-CoV-1 Neeltje van Doremalen, James O. Lloyd-Smith, Vincent J. Munster / New England Journal of Medicine – March 2022

  • Options

    Colors available: → Pigment color chart

    2 or 4 hot or cold tubes (fancoil)

    UVA LED OPTION + Photocatalysis sterilization (TiO2 on stainless steel filter): to purify the air (destroys bacteria and viruses in less than 2 hours)

  • Thermostat

    Built-in thermostat is supplied by standard on each unit (discreet on the side of the device at eye level).

    No light pollution (turns off completely after 3 sec).

    Serial WIFI connection provided to remotely manage the device on Tablet or Smartphone (TUYA SMART).

    OPTION Identical master/slave wall-mounted thermostat to control several GREENOR on the same thermostat.

  • Output

    A/ Heating:

    Water at 158°F: Delta T50 (167/149/68°F):

    • Maximum heating power: 6820 Watts
    • Average heating power: 5840 Watts
    • Minimum heating power: 3900 Watts

    Water at 115.7°F (122/109.4/68°F)

    • Maximum heating power: 3520 Watts
    • Average heating power: 3070 Watts
    • Minimum heating power: 2090 Watts


    B/ Air conditioning:

    Water at 44.6/53.6°F: Eurovent test (44.6/53.6/80.6°F):

    • Maximum cold power: 3012 Watts
    • Average cold power: 2050 Watts
    • Mini cold power: 1480 Watts

    Other information:

    • Airflow: 290 / 474 /576 m³/h
    • Water flow: 353.1 dm3/H
    • Pressure drop: 7.1 /11.9/14.8 kPa
    • Sound power: 13.6 / 24.7 /29.3 dB (5m acc.ISO 11203)
    • Power consumption: 12.6 / 16.8 /20.1 Watts/h

    Eurovent test by TUV, Germany.

  • Summary Sheet

    Download GREENOR XL Summary Sheet

    Our Broshure Greenor & Greenor XL (French)

    For any technical information on the installation of CINIER radiators, you can contact us by telephone at 04 67 18 19 53 or by email: [email protected]

  • 3D

    Download the Cinier app for an augmented reality model of our Greenor XL unit

    else, File on request

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