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COGEMAD : a new vision of luxury

COGEMAD has created a new style of luxury residences through the ingenious construction of exceptional homes in France, Europe and the Middle East. From traditional French castel to the best in modern residences, COGEMAD offers an original and unique approach to the concept of inspiring living space.

COGEMAD was founded by Emad Khashoggi 31 years ago. The company established its reputation by designing and building the Palais Napoléon, a premier residence of 120 luxury apartments in Golfe Juan, on the French Riviera.

Today, COGEMAD creates custom luxury residences, characterized by a particular attention to detail and a strong commitment to architectural and artistic innovation.

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure is a 1,237 square meters property located in a closed residence in a quiet, secure and prestigious area of the 16th district of Paris. This property has been designed according to COGEMAD’s strictest quality criteria so that the future owners will feel comfortable. Each room has been designed to combine excellence and refinement. Most of them are decorated with fantastic frescoes decorated with gold leaf. The combination of these spaces with the CINIER BELLE EPOQUE radiators create relaxed and elegant spaces that offer a comfortable and prestigious interior at the height of modernity. The house offers a master suite, 3 entire floors dedicated to entertainment, a 16 meter indoor pool, a movie theater as well as a private nightclub and a large wine cellar. Hidden Treasure is a masterpiece of design and engineering on its own.

The Design

The home’s interior, the result of a unique collaboration between designers and artists, was designed based on the history of the house. COGEMAD restored the fantastic frescoes on the ceiling, dating from 1885.

COGEMAD called upon the Cinier workshop to supply the radiators and towel dryers.

The selected models

In order to sublimate the house, custom-made models with finishes that match the place have been ordered at Cinier radiators, we find :

The mirror radiator: ultimate elegance.

Olycale® Stone Radiant Radiator. Framed with wide beveled edges, the BIZO mirrored radiator adds depth and dimension to a room or entryway.

Vynil 4,33

The pictorial work of the French artist quoted at Drouot, Patrice Palacio

Pure and sober. The quality of radiation is incomparable thanks to the properties of the Olycale® stone. Its very minimalist design will delight architects looking for sobriety.


Dimensions to the nearest cm in vertical or horizontal radiator version.

In the purest English style, the BELLE EPOQUE towel dryers combine perfect quality and excellence in manufacturing and finishing.


Victor M

Voltaire will delight fans of classic or vintage design looking for uncompromising comfort thanks to its heating quality.

La création

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