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  • White
  • S-32 Old gold

Between tradition and modernity.

“Alkhat” by artist Johanne Cinier. CINIER offers a new radiator in electric, hot water or Greenor (contemporary air-conditioning) versions, with a unique design.

The oriental line persists, imbued with the wisdom of the ancients, it reinvents itself to adapt to the challenges of the contemporary world. The symbolism of this radiator is to show that today, this line is a symbol of resilience and adaptability, a bridge between past and future, between tradition and modernity.

This radiator reflects a constantly evolving culture, where ancestral values blend harmoniously with the innovations of the present. While preserving its heritage, it embraces new technologies and ideas, offering a journey through time and space, where each step reveals a different facet of its captivating history.

Alkhat (The Line) In Olycale stone

Production time: 6/8 weeks

Order: from April 2024

Artist: Johanne Cinier

Proposed color: in White or patinated Gold Delivery possible worldwide.

  • Details

    Product features:
    H 220 x W 60
    Electric version: 1200 W
    Hot water version: 1178 W
    Electric version, booster version: 1700 W
    Hot water version, booster version: 1654 W

  • Technologies
    • Olycale® stone: After 7 years of research and development, the CINIER workshops have developed Olycale® stone, a natural stone, crushed then restructured specifically to emit high-performance heat.
    • The heating element: HOT WATER version (European standard EN 442-2) or ELECTRIC version (CE electricity quality and safety standard).
    • Energy savings: By adapting the power of your radiator to actual needs, and reducing the ambient temperature by a few degrees during the night or when you’re away, CINIER control provides real energy savings of 20 to 30%.
    • More information: FAQ CINIER Technologies
  • Preserving our planet

    Choosing a CINIER radiator means choosing to reduce the energy consumed by your home and our planet.
    With the same power, CINIER Olycale stone radiators offer greater comfort and energy savings of 25% compared with a standard radiator.
    Choosing a CINIER radiator means choosing to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible:
    Our heating cables and electronic controls are made in France (Clermont-Ferrand and Bretagne),
    Olycale stone comes from the Pyrenees and natural pigments from Provence.
    Our steel and copper tubes come from France or nearby Europe.
    Our cardboard packaging comes from Alsace and our wooden pallets from eco-managed forests.
    Construction and production are done by hand in France at our Ateliers de Sète.
    Our aim is to create sustainable, top-of-the-range products and to reduce Co2 emissions as much as possible by favoring local materials and offsetting our footprint.
    100% CO2 neutrality is our common goal to safeguard our magnificent planet.

  • Installation

    2 people required

    Electrical connection :
    standard 230 V supply – X3D thermostat included – Installation instructions on request

    Hot water connection :
    20 cm centre distance, with a 3 cm height offset between flow and return – Instructions and connection diagrams on request

    Thermostatic valve, adjustment tee and connection hoses are supplied as standard with every CINIER radiator.

  • FAQ

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