Hotel special: Simultaneous heating & air conditioning with an air-to-water heat pump and GREENOR XL – 2 tubes


For some hotels and other places, it’s important to be able to air-condition or heat at the same time, depending on the configuration of the rooms or the specific needs of individuals.

For this reason, Les Ateliers CINIER have validated an innovative installation scheme with our GREENOR XL and AIR-WATER heat pumps (whatever the brand of heat pump).

This arrangement enables GREENOR XL 2-pipe systems to be used while providing simultaneous comfort (heating or cooling), whatever the customer’s/user’s requirements.

Greenor now compatible with Nest Thermostat! 8
NEXT x GREENOR Cinier thermostat

CINIER also offers its GREENOR products in CANADA and the USA for specific connection to the NEST thermostat.

Greenor now compatible with Nest Thermostat! 5

NEST is the leading manufacturer of thermostats in the USA.

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