Hotel special: Simultaneous heating & air conditioning with an air-water heat pump and GREENOR XL – 2 pipes


For some hotels and other premises, it is important to be able to air-condition or heat at the same time, depending on the configuration of the rooms/bedrooms or the specific needs of individuals.

For this reason, Ateliers CINIER have validated an innovative installation scheme with our GREENOR XL and AIR-WATER heat pumps (whatever the brand of heat pump).

This arrangement allows GREENOR XL 2-pipe units to be used while providing simultaneous comfort (heating or cooling), whatever the customer/user’s requirements.

Greenor now compatible with Nest Thermostat!
Thermostat NEXT x GREENOR Cinier

CINIER also offers its GREENOR products in CANADA and the USA for specific connection to the NEST thermostat.

Greenor now compatible with Nest Thermostat! 3

NEST is the leading manufacturer of thermostats in the USA.

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