ROC plissé & ROC LED plissé 2

ROC plissé & ROC LED plissé

Radiadores contemporáneos

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ROC plissé & ROC LED plissé

Radiadores contemporáneos Contemporáneo

The latest generation of contemporary radiators, ROC is an electric or hyronic radiator with a very high level of radiant comfort. As an option LED, ROC has a 5 Meter light frame in high quality LED of the latest generation. Dimmable by a discreet button at ground level, ROC then becomes a real luminaire. ROC offers 3 functions: Decorative sculpture, high quality radiant heating and high performance LED lighting.

  • Details

    Colores disponibles: → CINIER carta de colores

    Radiator available in 2 Dimension :

    • ROC: 183 x 47 cm

    Electric version : 750 W

    Hydronic version: 669 W

    DUAL fuel energy : 750 W/ 669 W

    • ROC LED: 190 x 52 cm

    Electric version : 750 W.

    Hydronic version: 669 W.

    DUAL feul energy : 750 W/ 669 W.

    Made in France

  • Technologies
    • Olycal® Stone: After 7 years of research and development, Atelier CINIER have developed the Olycal® Stone: The olycal stone is crushed at the initial stage of production then restructured in the Cinier workshop following and exclusive patented process allowing heat to be emitted with high efficiency.
    • The heating element: HYDRONIC model (European standards EN442-2, control by Cetiat laboratory) or ELECTRIC model (CE electricity).
    • Saving energy: while adapting the power of your radiator to your real needs, CINIER thermostat can reduce your energy needs up to 20%.
    • Greater comfort: while diffusing thermal and radiant heat, CINIER radiator allows an even distribution of the heat without creating carbonized dust and pollution. Besides, the products keep absolutely noiseless.

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