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Leon 76

Radiatores Belle Epoque®

Sophisticated and elegant

  • BE-02 Gris mat

Sophisticated and elegant

Leon 76

Radiatores Belle Epoque® Radiadores de fundición

LEON es un radiador decorativo de fundición de dos columnas que se creó en Francia en torno al año 1890. Sus adornos florales muy detallados y la calidad de su producción térmica hacen de LEON un radiador sofisticado y elegante para los hogares que tienen una historia o mucho carácter.

  • Details
    • Available colours:

    standard colours: cast iron grey, matt grey, matt black, pearl black.

    optional colours: bright white, antique black, antique copper, antique gold, all RAL colours.

    H76 cm x W42,7 cm – 59 kg – 580W
    H76 cm x W50,7 cm – 70 kg – 696W
    H76 cm x W58,7 cm – 82 kg – 812W
    H76 cm x W66,7 cm – 94 kg – 928W
    H76 cm x W74,7 cm – 105 kg – 1044W
    H76 cm x W82,8 cm – 117 kg – 1160W
    H76 cm x W90,8 cm – 129 kg – 1276W
    H76 cm x W98,7 cm – 140 kg – 1392W
    H76 cm x W106,7 cm – 152 kg – 1508W
    H76 cm x W114,7 cm – 164 kg – 1624W
    H76 cm x L122,7 cm – 176 kg – 1740W

    (Puissance EN442, 75/65/20, Δt 50°C)

  • Technologies

    Highly resistant, cast iron has an extraordinary quality of heating, it has survived the centuries (used for heating over 150 years).

    Made in Europe, the BELLE EPOQUE cast iron radiators come in several heights and finishes upon request. Available in Glossy White, Matte Black, Black Pearl, Cast Iron Gray or in such rarer finishes as Antique Gold and Antique Copper. They benefit from the latest manufacturing technology and are finished with fume-free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly paints.

    Maximum operating pressure: 8 bars. Pressure testing: 10,50 bars. Maximum output: 110°C Exponent: n = 1.2775

  • Installation
    • Imperative : The quality of water is required to meet the standards VDI 2035 for the cast iron radiators : a low conductivity below 100 μS.PH, a TH of 0.2 and a PH between 7 and 10. More information on : https://www.cinier.com/es/belle-epoque/
    • CAST IRON model, run by professionals suitable for handling and weighing the model
    • We recommend to use sleeving kits to minimize installation completion.

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