Uni Blanc Olycale

Solid Olycal White


Minimal aesthetics

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  • S-01 Olycal white

Minimal aesthetics

Solid Olycal White

GREENOR Fancoil Solid

Simplicity and sobriety, the Solid models can also be patinated in Quartz Grey, Olycal White and other pigments on request and to measure

LED frame is available to enhance the sculpture.

Ultra quiet

Draught-free and ultra-quiet for an exceptional climate

greenor chaud froid


Allows you to heat or cool (air conditioning) with an air/water heat pump (chilled water technology).

Anti-viral exchanger / UV filter

Purifies air during a pandemic in less than 2 hours. Patented 100% copper vertical exchanger.

Greenor heating only

Hawaii 9

Works like a very high-power radiator (3740W) for existing boilers or air-water heat pumps

Greenor Reversible

Hawaii 7

Identical to the Greenor Heating only with air-conditioning option (1600W). Perfect comfort, very even & incredibly quiet

  • Details

    Available Colours: → CINIER Colour Chart

    Accessories included: 2 stainless steel connection hoses, 1 infrared remote control (black or white).

    3 metal frame colours available: white, grey, black.

    Radiator available in 1 Dimension: 190 x 54 cm. Weight: 51 to 58 kg.

    • Heating only:

    Heating(75/65/20℃), V③ 3740 W + V② 2750 W + V①1700 W.

    • Reversible heating & cooling:

    Heating output, low temperature(55/45/20℃), V③ 2170 W + V② 1450 W + V① 830 W.

    Cooling output, cold(7/12/27℃), V③ 1600 W + V② 1200 W + V① 600 W.

    Made in France

  • Technologies
    • Greenor is a two-pipe wall-mounted designer fan coil unit for high end residential applications, which is environmentally friendly and engineered comfort.
    • In summer, a constant flow cool air for a draft-free comfort with refrigerant- free liquid. In winter, it saves energy while optimizing low-temperature heating system (water at 50 °C) which operates with heat pumps with renewable energy or condensing boiler.
    • 11,5cm/4-1/2” thick: the slimmest reversible fan coil on the market and absolutely noiseless (14DB). Decorative stone panels in Olycal® stone can be easily changed without taking any mechanical element apart. Front panels can be custom-made upon client’s own design.
    • Greenor® is listed:

    CE norms: EN 60335-2-30, EN 55014-1 (Ed 2006), EN 61000-3-2 (Ed2006) and EN 61000-3-3/A1 (Ed 1995/01): for the European markets.
    UL 1995, issue:2011/10/14 Ed:4 UL Standard for Safety Heating and Cooling Equipment for the US market.
    CSA C22.2 No. 236, issue:2011/10/14 Ed:4 Heating and Cooling Equipment for the Canadian market.

  • Installation

    Required 2 person or 1 person with the appropriate mounting tools.

    Connection to be made by a professional (plumber HVAC specialist).

    Connection center: 4 cm – Installation instructions on request.

    → Drawing of installation

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