Art by Johanne

I like the idea of each work being unusual, of being taken away into an imaginary and curious world, like a “curiosity” painting, where you can see a huge tulle petticoat emerging from the canvas, or a real Led light jewel attached to the painting.

Johanne Cinier
Art by Johanne 4

Johanne Cinier, a native of Sète, studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Sète, then in fashion design in Marseille. She worked for Givenchy and Arrow for 6 years, then felt the need to give time back to her thirst for creation, painting, drawing, sculpting and combining all kinds of techniques. She returns to the family business to create unique pieces for Cinier radiators, but at the same time lets her creativity and imagination run wild.

She mixes codes, influences and techniques in a profusion of creativity, with no self-imposed rules other than those of the imagination. In her works, all kinds of techniques and materials (photos, lace, accessories, clothing, acrylics, wood, ceramics, objects and collage) are used to create a powerful visual effect.

To discover Johanne’s work and the paintings available at the studio, click here: cliquez ici.

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