Greenor® Fan Coils unit

Greenor® Fan Coils unit

What is a Greenor®?

Greenor® is a top energy-efficient heating & cooling fan coil technology. Greenor® is a two-pipe wall-mounted designer fan coil unit for high end residential or Commercial Applications.

Greenor is available in 2 versions: heating alone or in reversible version (heating / cooling).

Cool Comfort:

A constant flow of eco-friendly cool air (refrigerant-free) for a draft-free comfort and cooling sensation

Warm Comfort :

The Greenor® fan coil saves energy while optimizing low-temperature heating systems (water at 50°C/ 122°F) operating with heat pumps using renewable energy or condensing boilers.

Its unique concept offers comfort, high-end design and top-efficiency.

Does Greenor® composite standards?

Greenor is listed :

Frequently asked Questions

  • How does a Greenor radiate heat or freshness?


    A unique diffusion of heat :

    The heat, produced by a boiler or heat pump (PAC), is diffused into the room by the Greenor through gentle ventilation at a very low speed around its 492cm perimeter frame. The comfort is complemented by a soft radiance of its Olycal stone facade.
    This horizontal diffusion, very homogeneous, reduces the warm effect on the ceiling-cold ground (conventional convection). In addition it does not create burnt dusts (blackened wall) above the radiator.

    A unique diffusion of freshness:

    The freshness, produced by an outdoor reversible PAC, is released by the Greenor by a stream of cool, light air at a very low speed around its 492 cm perimeter frame. The comfort is completed by a fresh radiance of the Olycale stone.
    This horizontal diffusion at a very low speed on 492 cm makes it possible to avoid the feeling of draft (unlike the classic air conditioning by Split.) It distributes evenly and delicately the air refreshed around you.

    Greenor is the quietest reversible radiator in the world (14.8dB sound pressure – First speed at 1 meter from the unit.)

    Greenor® is an

    international patent PCT / FR2010 / 00321 of CINIER Workshops.

  • Environmentally friendly

    The Greenor® fan coil circulates chilled or low-temperature water through a coil for indoor cooling or heating using renewable energy generators (biomass energy, heat pumps, chillers or condensing boilers) for low-temperature hydronic systems.

    Unlike the traditional air conditioning systems, Greenor® is refrigerant-free for a better respect of the environment.

    Greenor® fan coil unit use very efficient special DC motors (average of 10 Watts of energy consumption) to be the best optimal energy-efficient fan coil unit on the market.

    The low flow of warm or cool air can be adjusted as it is evenly distributed all around the perimeter of the front panel in Olycale® stone.

    It substantially reduces the vertical temperature difference between floor and ceiling unlike what is observed with standard convection systems.

    It allows more comfort and generates significant energy savings.

    Greenor® fan coil is an international Patent-PCT/FR2010/00321 from CINIER company.

  • Applications
    • To replace hydronic radiators or fan coil systems
    • New installations

    Residential & Commercial Applications:

    • Single family homes
    • Apartments
    • Restaurants, boutiques, hotels
    • Lobbies
    • Offices
    • … and where architecture wants to meet energy efficiency, comfort and modern design aesthetic.

    Greenor® is available :

    • as a reversible heating and cooling system
    • or as a heating system only.
  • How does Greenor assure air quality?
    • Greenor is equipped with 4 high performance filters that filter and ensure optimal air quality.
    • Exclusive: Greenor filters can be cleaned without the intervention of a technician. They can be removed or replaced very easily.
  • Thermostats: control and simplicity

    Options of:

    The infrared remote control: easy to use

    • Choose your operating speed
    • Choose your room temperature set point
    • Program your ideal room temperature

    Hard-wired control panel: easy heating and cooling control

    • Choose your operating speed
    • Control your room temperature set point
    • Control one or several Greenor® with one unique control panel
    • The IR remote control can also program all the Greenor® linked to the same control panel


  • Can the Greenor connect to all brands of heat pump or boiler?

    Yes, the Greenor can connect to all air-water PAC brands: Panasonic / Daikin / Hitachi / Mitsubishi / Carrier ….

    For Greenor heating version only, it can be connected to all brands of boilers on the market: Viessmannn, Dedietrich, Bosch, Frisquet … ..

    The Greenor works with water (hot or cold), so it is universal and easy to install on all systems.

  • Can the facade decor of the Greenor be changed?

    Yes, the decorative façade of the Greenor can be replaced / exchanged a posteriori of the installation.

    Without modifying the technical installation or touching the hydraulic / electrical connections, you can order a new decorative plate made by Cinier Workshops

  • Guarantee of the Greenor

    Greenor is internationally guaranteed 5 years for the heating body and 2 years for electrical accessories.

    Greenor is manufactured with raw materials and components of the highest quality possible

    • EBP-PAPST Fans
    • Honeywell valves

    All components are replaceable.

    The façade is in Olycale stone with natural pigments: their lifespan is limitless.

  • Where are the Greenor manufactured?

    The Greenor are manufactured in France, in CINIER Workshops in Sète (34).

    Our skilled craftsmen ensure the best quality.

  • Who can install the Greenor?

    The Greenor can be installed by a heating or air conditioning installer. Those professionals who know how to install Air / Water heaters or boilers can easily connect the Greenor.

    In terms of installation, the installer must provide water inflow (departure and return) and an electrical supply. Connection diagrams are available on our catalogs or on request at Cinier Workshops.

    For the reversible version, the installer must plan to insulate the tubes between the Greenor and the heat pump, as well as an outlet to evacuate condensate. A condensate pump is available as an option.

  • How to purchase a Greenor?

    You can purchase a Greenor from your heating installer, an authorized CINIER dealer or by contacting us.

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