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Titanium Silver



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  • S-53 Titanium silver
  • Titanium bronze


Titanium Silver

GREENOR Fancoil Unique piece

A fusion of materials for an extraordinary metallic finish.

The exceptional pieces, Greenor® TITANE SILVER & TITANE BRONZE.

LED frame is available to enhance the sculpture.

Ultra quiet

Draught-free and ultra-quiet for an exceptional climate

greenor chaud froid


Allows you to heat or cool (air conditioning) with an air/water heat pump (chilled water technology).

Anti-viral exchanger / UV filter

Purifies air during a pandemic in less than 2 hours. Patented 100% copper vertical exchanger.

Greenor heating only

Hawaii 9

Works like a very high-power radiator (3740W) for existing boilers or air-water heat pumps

Greenor Reversible

Hawaii 7

Identical to the Greenor Heating only with air-conditioning option (1600W). Perfect comfort, very even & incredibly quiet

  • Details

    Available Colours: → CINIER Colour Chart

    Accessories included: 2 stainless steel connection hoses, 1 infrared remote control (black or white).

    3 metal frame colours available: white, grey, black.

    Radiator available in 1 Dimension: 190 x 54 cm. Weight: 51 to 58 kg.

    • Heating only:

    Heating(75/65/20℃), V③ 3740 W + V② 2750 W + V①1700 W.

    • Reversible heating & cooling:

    Heating output, low temperature(55/45/20℃), V③ 2170 W + V② 1450 W + V① 830 W.

    Cooling output, cold(7/12/27℃), V③ 1600 W + V② 1200 W + V① 600 W.

    Made in France

  • Technologies
    • Greenor is a two-pipe wall-mounted designer fan coil unit for high end residential applications, which is environmentally friendly and engineered comfort.
    • In summer, a constant flow cool air for a draft-free comfort with refrigerant- free liquid. In winter, it saves energy while optimizing low-temperature heating system (water at 50 °C) which operates with heat pumps with renewable energy or condensing boiler.
    • 11,5cm/4-1/2” thick: the slimmest reversible fan coil on the market and absolutely noiseless (14DB). Decorative stone panels in Olycal® stone can be easily changed without taking any mechanical element apart. Front panels can be custom-made upon client’s own design.
    • Greenor® is listed:

    CE norms: EN 60335-2-30, EN 55014-1 (Ed 2006), EN 61000-3-2 (Ed2006) and EN 61000-3-3/A1 (Ed 1995/01): for the European markets.
    UL 1995, issue:2011/10/14 Ed:4 UL Standard for Safety Heating and Cooling Equipment for the US market.
    CSA C22.2 No. 236, issue:2011/10/14 Ed:4 Heating and Cooling Equipment for the Canadian market.

  • Installation

    Required 2 person or 1 person with the appropriate mounting tools.

    Connection to be made by a professional (plumber HVAC specialist).

    Connection center: 4 cm – Installation instructions on request.

    → Drawing of installation

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