Palm Springs

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Palm Springs


GREENOR Fancoil Unique piece

This fresh Pièce Unique design is inspired by the distinctive colours of sunny Palm Springs in Southern California.

It will bring a modern, cool and positive spirit to your home.

Artist : Johanne Cinier

Hand-painted with natural pigments.

Accessories included: 2 stainless steel connection hoses, 1 infrared remote control.
Optional LED frame in warm white 3000K or neutral white 4000K.
Dimensions: 190 x 54 cm – very thin: total thickness 11.5 cm.
Production time 3-6 weeks.

Customise your CINIER radiators at [email protected] or +33 4 67 18 19 53

Made in France. Quality & expertise since 1975.

  • Details

    Colours available: → Nuancier de pigments

    Accessories included: 2 stainless steel connection hoses, 1 infrared remote control (black or white).

    3 metal frame colours available: white, grey, black.

    Optional LED frame in warm white 3000K or neutral white 4000K

    Dimensions: 190 x 54 cm – very slim: total thickness 11.5 cm

    • Heating power only :

    Hot water (75/65/20℃), V③ 3740 W + V② 2750 W + V①1700 W.


    • Reversible hot & cold power:

    Hot water, low temperature(55/45/20℃), V③ 2170 W + V② 1450 W + V① 830 W.

    Chilled water, cold (7/12/27℃), V③ 1600 W + V② 1200 W + V① 600 W.

    Made in France

  • Technologies

    Greenor very high energy-efficiency heating and cooling radiator with powder-coated steel frame and Olycale® stone panel on the front.

    • Front panel in Olycale® stone: a natural stone from the Pyrenees, crushed then restructured specifically to emit high-performance heat.
    • More environmentally-friendly: Copper/aluminium heat exchanger operating on water circulation, with no polluting refrigerant as in traditional air conditioners (harmful to global warming).
    • Very low total power consumption: 10 W on average, 18 W max.
    • Easy to use: 3 manual or automatic fan speeds.
    • Very quiet operation, sound power level at 1st speed: 14 dBA
    • No draughts: linear, horizontal airflow at very low speed (0.4 to 1.4 m/s) distributed over a perimeter of 492 cm around a special steel frame.
    • Eurovent CE standards: EN 60335-2-30, EN 55014-1 (Ed 2006), EN 61000-3-2 (Ed2006) and EN 61000-3-3/A1 (Ed 1995/01). Also available in c-UL-us standards for North America.
    • French patent – product exported to 36 countries
    • French quality and manufacture in the CINIER workshop in Sète.
    • For more information : FAQ Technologies Greenor
  • Installation

    2 people or 1 person with the appropriate assembly tools.

    Connection to be carried out by a professional (plumber/heating engineer/electrician/air conditioning engineer).

    Connection centre distance: 4 cm – Installation instructions on request.

    → Exemple de schéma d’installation

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