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Contemporary XL


Modern and timeless

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Modern and timeless

Contemporary XL


French patent supported by BPI Innovation, created by Michel Cinier.

Ecological and antiviral vertical air conditioning unit – 2 pipes for heating or cooling (fan coil) with very high energy efficiency and 100 % copper heat exchanger. Decorative front in hand-finished Olycale stone.

LED frame is available to enhance the sculpture.

Ultra quiet

Draught-free and ultra-quiet for an exceptional climate

greenor chaud froid


Allows you to heat or cool (air conditioning) with an air/water heat pump (chilled water technology).

Anti-viral exchanger / UV filter

Purifies air during a pandemic in less than 2 hours. Patented 100% copper vertical exchanger.

PalmSpring 8

  • Strengths

    • Heating or cooling (air conditioning) with an air-water heat pump (chilled water technology)
    • Patented vertical heat exchanger – antibacterial, antiviral and 100 % copper (anti-legionella)
    • 2 x high performance magnetic stainless steel filters (easy maintenance)
    • Copper-coated condensate drip tray (anti-legionella)
    • Ultra-quiet – 14.8 dB on speed 1 at a distance of 1 metre
    • Very low power consumption: 9 to 19 W on speed 3, or 14 W/h average
    • No draughts (thanks to single side 190 cm VERTICAL diffusion at very low air flow rates, less than 1 m/s)
    • Ultra-flat: 14.5 cm overall thickness
    • Very aesthetically pleasing, customisable, vertical design (each is unique)
    • Individually controllable using the thermostat built into the appliance – WiFi connection via Tuya Smart (for appliance control via tablet or smartphone) – also available with wired or other thermostats on request

  • Options

    CINIER Color Chart: → Nuancier de pigments

    OPTION PIPES 2 or 4 pieces

    OPTION LEV UVA + photocatalytic sterilisation (TiO2 on stainless steel filter): to purify the air even during a pandemic (destroys bacteria and viruses in under 2 hours)

  • Thermostat

    Individual thermostat supplied as standard on each appliance (discreetly positioned on
    the side at chest height)

    No light pollution (switches off completely after 3 sec)

    WiFi connected as standard for remote control via tablet or smartphone (Tuya Smart)

    Option – Identical wall thermostat as master/slave to control multiple GREENOR all from one thermostat.

  • Capacity (output)

    A / Heating:

    – Water at 70 ° C: Delta T50 (75/65/20 ° C):

    Maximum heating capacity: 6820 Watts

    Average heating capacity: 5840 Watts

    Mini heating capacity: 3900 Watts

    – Water at 46.5 ° C (50/43/20 ° C)

    Maximum heating capacity: 3520 Watts

    Average heating capacity: 3070 Watts

    Mini heating capacity: 2090 Watts 

    B/ Air conditioning:

    – Water at 7/12 ° C: Eurovent test (7/12/27 ° C):

    Maximum cooling capacity: 3012 Watts

    Average cold capacity: 2050 Watts

    Mini cooling capacity: 1480 Watts

    Other information:

    Air flow: 290/474/576 m³ / h Water flow: 353.1 dm3 / H

    Pressure drop: 7.1 /11.9/14.8 kPa

    Sound power: 13.6 / 24.7 /29.3 dB (5m acc. ISO 11203)

    Power consumption: 12.6 / 16.8 /20.1 Watts / h


    Eurovent test by TUV, Germany.

  • Clarification

    Air is diffused on only one vertical side of the appliance – maintain a minimum clearance of 1 metre from the wall. Please therefore choose either the RIGHT or LEFT model depending on the configuration of the rooms.

    Maintenance: cleanable magnetised stainless steel filter

    • Every 3-4 months: with a vacuum cleaner
    • Every 6 months: cleaning recommended with pressurised water (tap)
    • No need to change the recommended filters as they are STAINLESS STEEL
  • PDF Summary GREENOR XL

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