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Winter is drawing to a close. Why not take a look at your radiators?


Your radiators have been working all winter. But you’re not completely satisfied:

❌ They didn’t heat enough and you had to turn up the temperature

❌ It was warm in front of the radiator, but not warm enough in the room

❌ The air you breathed was too dry

❌ Some of them broke down and had to be repaired urgently

❌ You’re renovating and their old design is spoiling your interior

Did you know that the average lifespan of an electric convector heater is 10 years? 15 years if it’s a radiant.

Heating accounts for 60% of a home’s total energy consumption (source: Engie).

When a heating system stops working properly, it’s your bill that goes up, not the heat!

In spring, we prepare for next winter

As we head into the warmer weather, we’re forgetting all about the radiator problems that ruined the winter.

But the time to prepare for next winter is now. Or risk rushing into things and making the wrong decisions in October, when it will be cold again.

Convectors, radiant, inertia, which to choose?

Energy-guzzling electric convector heaters should be avoided, as should radiant panels (the heat is strong in front of the appliance but stops as soon as it is switched off).

Electric inertia radiators: the best choice!

Consisting of a heating element, it accumulates heat and gradually releases it.

Operating at a low temperature, it offers great comfort because the heat is diffused constantly, evenly and homogeneously throughout the room.

This is the technology offered by CINIER.

Radiator ASHOK

CINIER, high-tech and design heating

A genuine alternative to steel, cast iron or aluminium, CINIER radiators feature a central diffusing panel made of Olycale® stone.

✅ Stone accumulates heat in its mass and releases it gently, evenly and silently.

✅ The radiant heat creates no dust and maintains the humidity levels necessary for good air quality and good health.

✅ CINIER radiators can be programmed and controlled remotely. After an absence, restart your radiators remotely so that your home is warm and welcoming when you arrive.

✅ The energy savings are real and your comfort is improved

✅ Your flat gains in value thanks to the added aesthetic appeal

A radiator? Yes… and a work of art!

CINIER radiators are unique in the world. They are the opposite of the classic horizontal radiator: functional, but not aesthetically pleasing.

Our radiators are VERTICAL to save space and offer an unrivalled sense of aesthetics: like real paintings, they blend perfectly into a modern or classic interior.

Between two windows, as a central decorative panel, on a stone background or a painted wall, CINIER radiators blend in with all your interiors.

Blue 1
Radiator BLUE
Art Nouveau 3
Art Nouveau

Technical and aesthetic choices, Olivier testimonial

Olivier M. was looking for a heating solution for his daughter’s bedroom under the roof.

The whole house has central heating with a boiler. However, he wanted to leave the framework of this room visible and not hide it with insulation. The solution? Electric heating.

A photographer by trade, Olivier was also very keen on the aesthetics of the room.

He chose a CINIER radiator from the sleek UNI range, in Olycale white.

Winter is drawing to a close. Why not take a look at your radiators? 4
Uni, Olycale White

‘I chose CINIER for the heating performance and the design. This electric radiator provides the same heating comfort as the other rooms in the house. When you switch it off while you’re away and then switch it back on again, the heat arrives very quickly and the room is warmed up very quickly, which is very pleasant’.

The radiator was installed in 2016. Eight years later, Olivier has never called on CINIER’s after-sales service: ‘Never a breakdown, never a problem!’.

Uncompromising fusion of performance and design

Bright colours, neutral tones, contrasts, classic or modern decoration, you will find the radiator of your dreams at Cinier..

The choice between high-tech and design is yours!

Winter is drawing to a close. Why not take a look at your radiators? 1
Contemporary radiators
Winter is drawing to a close. Why not take a look at your radiators?
Unique Pieces

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