Olycal® Radiators


Thermal Performance and Material Flexibility

After seven years of research and development, Atelier CINIER have developed the Olycale® stone: The stone is crushed at the initial stage of production then restructured in the Cinier workshop following an exclusive patented process allowing heat to be emitted with high efficiency.

Olycal® Stone has several advantages:

1. Thermal: Heat is accumulated and reinstated (quality due to the coupling of radiance and thermal mass which allows heat to accumulate for and be evenly released).

2. Tactile: The Olycal® stone is made from the finest quality of natural stone and feels soft to the touch.

3. Design: Finely ground stone allows the creation of true contemporary structures.

4. Longevity and sturdiness of the stone.

5. Ecological: Olycal@ stone originates from the Pyrenees mountains in the south of France and is essentially made up of natural minerals.

An excellent alternative to steel, cast iron, or aluminium, Olycale@ stone is the heating material of the future. Its unmatched properties make it the key element in all CINIER radiators.

  • Exceptional comfort

    Each CINIER radiator is studied and conceived to diffuse exceptional heating comfort. Our technology is based on 3 principles:

    • The radiance of Olycal® stone
    • The thermal inertia of Olycal® stone
    • Emission at low temperature thanks to the large surface of the radiator and electronic control.

    The Olycal® stone is a natural white color rock (from the mountains of the Pyrenees in the south of France) that is smashed down and remodeled to provide for an exceptional diffusion of thermal energy.

    Like cast iron, the Olycal® stone emits soft and homogeneous heat at low temperature. CINIER radiators are perfectly silent.

  • Thermal mass effect

    Thermal mass effect (or inertia) :
    The thermic mass of Olycal® stone provides a function of “accumulation” and “durable dissipation” of heating emission. It allows the diffusion of a cosy, constant, homogeneous heat to maintain the room at the right temperature with an exceptional comfort.

    Low temperature heating:
    The large surface area of CINIER radiators and the electronic regulation allow to heat at low temperature without propel air (total silence of operation). The air of the room is not dry-tees, is healthier and pleasanter to breathe.

  • Hydronic version

    For hydronic system with a boiler :

    Heating core :

    The heating body is made of heavy copper tubes (between 50 to 60 meters long depends on the model), with an anti-corrosive and anti-dilation outer layer that guarantees silence and liability. Tested by 25 bars, the CINIER heating body guarantees an optimal performance and exceptional solidity.

    The heating body is completely integrated in the Olycal® stone thanks to an exclusive technological process. It also heats the mineral mass along the whole superficiality who diffuse a natural lasting warm.

    All the hydronic radiators by CINIER comply with EN442-2 regulations (Delta T50). Their quality and security are controlled and guaranteed.

    Heat Output at 75°/65°/20°C temperature (Delta T50) – For different water temperatures, please contact us: [email protected]

  • Electric version

    Heating body :

    The heating core is made with a heating cable utilizing a specific double insulation layer, which will not degrade over time. Our radiators are equiped with a thermo-sensing security with double insulation and a 2 meters capillary to prevent overheating.

    The electric models are Class II.

    The heating body is completely integrated in the Olycal stone thanks to an exclusive technological process. It also heats the mineral mass along the whole radiator’superficy who diffuse a natural lasting warm.

    Connections :

    An electric plug only.

    Electric Olycal® CINIER heaters are available in 230 V or 120 V for the US market. Others voltages are available on demand.

  • Connexions & output

    Connexions :

    The exit of alimentation water tubes could be build in the wall (to not see the unaesthetic tube). Connexion & dimensions scheme are available on demand.
    Adapter: ½ Male bent inside Junction is made by hosepipes.

    Tap, adjusting bends, joins and flexible are delivered with the radiator.

    Output :

    Heat Output at 75°/65°/20°C temperature (delta T50) – For different water temperatures, please contact our office. Our Output is controlled by an international private laboratory.

  • Thermostat

    Regulation / Electronic Thermostat :

    In 230V, electric CINIER radiators are equipped with :

    – a proportional integral electronic RTS regulation. Its principle is simple : the RTS regulation constantly and proportionally adjusts yours radiators output (power) to the thermal needs.

    The effect between the thermal mass of Olycal® stone and the RTS regulator is highly efficient and provides noticeable energy savings.


    – a Radio-controlled programmable thermostat from DeltaDore.  Wall mounting or fitted on base, the  thermostat is easily accessible with a programmable timer (7 days 24H) to adjust the temperature during the night or while you are away.

    While adapting the power of your radiator to your real needs, CINIER thermostat can reduce your energy needs up to 20%.

    All the electric CINIER models are listed CE and NF norms.

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