Led LT

Led LT

CINIER LT lines are characterized by a very high level of craftsmanship and design. Technical excellence and style are the values of the family owned company since 1975. Each CINIER LT is handmade in the CINIER workshops in France.

  • Are CINIER LED Fixtures repairable?

    CINIER LT components are interchangeable: Transfo, Driver …

    After a few years of use, you can ensure after-sales service.

    The LED light source selected at the CINIER seminar is of high quality. They are designed to last for several years

    If changes occur, you can replace them (by removing the diffuser) or replace the frame that holds them. This can be done by an electrician or by Cinier Workshops.

  • What are LED lights and how do they work?

    LED means light-emitting diode. LED lighting products produce about 90% more light than incandescent bulbs. How do they work? An electric current passes through a microchip, which then illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs. To avoid performance problems, light-emitting diodes are absorbed in a heat sink.


  • How are LEDs used in lighting?

    LED lighting products are incorporated in light bulbs and luminaires for general lighting applications. The compact size of the LED provides unique design possibilities. Some LED bulb solutions may look like familiar bulbs physically and better match the appearance of traditional bulbs.
    On the other hand, some LED luminaires may have built-in LEDs as permanent light sources. There are also hybrid approaches that use a non-traditional light bulb or a replaceable light source format specifically designed for a single fixture. LEDs offer tremendous opportunities for innovation in terms of lighting form factor and are more adaptable to a wide range of applications than traditional lighting technologies.

  • The advantages of LED lighting

    LED is the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs are very solid and energy-saving small solid incandescent bulbs. LEDs work differently than traditional incandescent bulbs. This makes the LED light sculpture more robust and durable than traditional incandescent bulbs.

    Energy efficiency: LEDs are now able to produce 135 lumens / watt.

    Long life: 50,000 hours or more for high quality.

    Robust: LEDs are strong because they are made of solid material, without filament, tube or bulb break.

    No warm-up time: the LED lights instantly in nanoseconds.

    Unaffected by cold temperatures: LEDs are suitable for low temperatures and will start even in very cold weather.

    Directional: With LED fixtures, you can direct the light where you want it, so no light is wasted.

    Excellent color rendering: LEDs do not strip colors like other light sources such as fluorescents, making them perfect for screens and retail applications.

    Environmentally friendly: LED luminaires do not contain mercury or other dangerous substances.

    Controllable: LED bulbs can be controlled for brightness and color.


  • Why choose CINIER LED luminaires made in France?

    The choice of lighting fixtures is one of the details that you should well plan during the home decorating phase. However, the decision is not easy to make, even if you plan a simple renovation or a complete transformation of your environment.

    Choose from our French-made LED lights to decorate your home and enjoy the benefits they can bring. We offer a variety of shapes, including all the parts you need and all colors to accentuate the look you want to install at home.

    Lighting characteristics of LED lamps

    Given the continuous development of LED technology, it is important to understand and explain the lighting characteristics of these products to determine which product best meets your expectations. When choosing a light sculpture as the perfect accessory, consider the style, shape, color and size.

    In addition, for traditional luminaires, it is sufficient to have the value of the light source and the powerful features to provide a precise idea of the solution provided(eg. 400W incandescent). In the case of LED luminaires, generally, it is also important to consider the following characteristics: luminous flux, power and luminous efficiency. These characteristics must always be specified for each device.

    Please note that if you have any questions or need help, we will always be there to help you find the best choice of LED solutions we can offer.

    Luminaires of natural material to decorate your home

    You may have noticed an increase in the decoration of natural and high quality materials such as marble, wood, metal, steel and stone. This is the collection of LED lighting products we offer you. These hand-made lamps are natural products that are better for you and the environment.

    In addition, your interiors will be in tune with the times with these luminaires made of high quality natural materials. Nature has had a huge impact on our list of trends in interior design and we are not the only ones. When it comes to creating a fashionable interior, the use of natural materials is definitely the way to go.

    LED luminaires of natural material bring  ambiance to your home

    Whether you want to create the perfect lighting for reading or the flattering flair of a romantic meal, we have the best advice to help you get it right. We can also provide you with step-by-step advice to improve your life and bring a personalized atmosphere to your home. Every corner of the house requires a variety of lighting, whether it be background lighting, erotic lighting, accent lighting that emphasizes the unique features of the room, or lighting working nearby.

    Poor lighting in a room can feel like it’s cold, dated and unwelcoming. When updating your room, you should think about how you can improve the atmosphere with the correct lighting.

    Feel free to come back to us to choose from our collection of authentic LED lights “Made in France“.

  • How to choose wall lights, floor lamps and suspensions for the decoration of your home?

    We recommend wall lights as a perfect complement to any room, a great way to make space more immersive and complete, and a key element of any layered lighting system. Wall lighting makes the room brighter and bigger, while creating a pleasant atmosphere. The wall light balances the hanging light source and adds something extra to complete the decoration. This is a great way to make your home truly home.

    However, you can also choose an artistic floor lamp to bring a fresher, more modern atmosphere to your home. You can use it inside or outside the home. In both cases, the streetlights perfectly bring the decorations you want to take home.

    Finally, you will find different types of suspensions in our collection. If you want to add a specific decoration to your room, please note that the suspension gives you more design. With us, you can choose the shape that suits you and highlight the personalized style you want to bring into the room you want to decorate.

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