Australian (Melbourne) Case Study


Toorak all-electric house renovation

Visualisation of Greenor hydronic heating & cooling

Greenor convectors are designed for prominent locations in your home, to be admired whilst also providing gentle, silent heating and cooling. They make virtually no noise or air drafts from transferring heat by convection and radiation.


This all-electric house renovation in Toorak involved going off gas and replacing the old ducted air conditioning system with hydronic heating and cooling.

Both form and function of the heating and cooling system were important for this project. 

New radiator panels, hydronic towel rails and fan-coil convectors were installed, powered by an electric Stiebel Eltron air-to-water hydronic heat pump.

An electric Siddons Solarstream heat pump water heater was previously installed in 2006 and is still operating well in 2022, so that was left as is: parts.

Greenor hydronic convector installation in Melbourne

All-electric Appliances

The reasons for replacing the ducted air conditioning system were to:

  • Improve the air quality for an occupant with asthma
  • Increase head height by removing ducting bulkheads
  • Reduce heat loss by removing ducting and ceiling vents
  • Make more efficient use of existing solar power
  • Reduce noise from the old ducted heating and cooling system


The remaining gas appliance was the cooktop. This was replaced with a Bosch induction cooktop and matching rangehood, externally vented. With this done, the owners had achieved a key objective of an all-electric house.

For someone who loves cooking, it was a big step but the resident cook now loves her new induction cooktop. It’s cleaner, safer and doesn’t emit poisonous carbon monoxide.

Radiator and Convector Panels

Both radiator and convector panels were chosen to provide radiant and convected heating with chilled water cooling from the convector panels only.

The main convector panel installed is a Cinier Greenor fan-coil convector. This was chosen for the main Living, Dining, Kitchen (LDK) area because it functions brilliantly and as well as being a work of art, which allowed it to be mounted prominently.

Cinier Greenor Hydronic convector without facia panel

Carbon Neutral

An important objective of this renovation project was to strive for carbon neutrality as far as possible.

However, it was not possible to add more solar panels.

Heat Load

Therefore, the owners worked on reducing their heat load. Measures included:

  • Double- glazed timber framed windows
  • Improved insulation and shading
  • Self closing exhaust fans
DeLonghi vertical linear radiator heating panel

Vertical Linear Panel

The house renovation opened up a large LDK area of 55m2 involving structural work. Despite the large area, only two hydronic appliances were needed to heat and cool this space:

  • Cinier Greenor hydronic convector
  • DeLonghi vertical radiator panel

The owners were keen for the radiator panel to be as invisible as possible.

Therefore, a flat linear style was chosen to blend into the wall.

Made in France

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