Cinier Luxury Towels – Made in Japan

IMABARI Technology and Luxury

The IMABARI region is in the south of Japan, where has the largest production of towels.

The IMABARI area has extensive vegetation and pure water from the Soja River, which is from the basement of Mount Takanawa.

The pure water keeps the towers a great capacity of absorption and a unique soft touch. Thanks to a tiny amount of heavy metals of this pure water, delicate tones and vivid colors can be expressed. This improves the method of coloring the IMABARI towels as well as the whole productive process.

CINIER chooses IMABARI technology for our luxury towels, which are proved by the association “Shikoku Towel Industry ”.  In Japan, only towels that have passed this standard may have a logo with.


Caresse– DS

Rich in Squalane, the CARESSE – DS towel is used in Japan to dry the skin of babies.

Very thin and light, a unique absorption capacity thanks to its double surface.

The gauze side allows ultra-fast drying of the skin while providing a very high level of comfort.

The softness felt on contact with the skin will offer you the luxury that another towel does not possess.

The special treatment that has been developed for this series means that the quality is maintained even after repeated washing.

CARESSE – Bathrobe



Made of 100% Supima cotton,

the CARESSE – Bathrobe is very light and has a unique absorbent power.

The softness felt on contact with the skin

will offer you the ultra confort that no other bathrobes possesse.

The special treatment that has been developed for the CARESSE – Bathrobe

brings the same quality of maintenance even after repeated washing.



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In Supima cotton 100% – 830 gr/m2,

the STIMUL bath descent with the tiger design stimulates your senses.

A sensation of stimulating comfort every time you put your feet up.

This is due to the thickness cotton as well as its specific twist

which ensures a unique quality of robustness.



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