Cascade de Miré

CASCADE Miré 9 – Pendant LED lighting – clear LED light

During the day, the CASCADE Miré LT Pendant is a decorative fixture.
At night, it is illuminated with 5076 LED lights.
Several ways to produce the light and the desired ambiance:
For the same output, the CASCADE product saves 75% Energy compared to a standard lighting fixture.

Cascade 9 elements :
Weight : 36 kg
Height : 400 cm (made on measure possible up to 12 meters)
Wide : 60 cm (made on measure possible)
Frame : Black or white color
Power supply 100V to 240 V. UL Listed / CE transformer included.
Energy consumption : 450 W maxi.

Clear LEDs (Warm 3000K* or neutral 4000K)
Lighting output : 24.380 Lumens
Dimming : On request with DALI, DMX or 0/10 Volts system

Made in France